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18 January 2012 @ 12:00 am

This Journal is:
Friends Only!
I post some quite personal entries in here so I am very sorry for any
non-lj users who come across this journal.
I do have a public journal though for Fashion-related things here.

If you would like to befriend me just
But please comment at least once and a while because I warn you, I DO friend-cut quite often!

Apart from that I hope we can have a good friendship,
do not hesitate to add me! ♥

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21 August 2010 @ 06:37 pm

Because I know your all wondering,
I have not deleted anyone on my friends list currently.
Just putting this first because I'm sure everyone may think I deleted them hence wondering why my entries are all private.
To find out further as to why, keep reading:

Hi Everyone,
So I've found myself for some time now, not really updating my journal enough as I'd like to,
and after realizing this I found that I don't really have to energy
nor time really to update as of late.
I'm not deleting this journal or anything, I'm just simply going on a bit of a
Hiatus for a little while, so please don't delete me! 
School is also starting soon so I feel the need to mentally prepare myself for it and everything.
I may update my blogspot though with fashion posts maybe or something like that, so if you'd like you can
follow me on there! 
Until then,
See you!
Min Lee

P.S~ Is anyone else INLOVE with Kanon's new album? oh my golly gosh. I am definitely this girls BIGGEST fan ♥~
one day I will definitely be just like her ♥
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08 July 2010 @ 09:26 pm

Sorry guys, I was putting it off TOO LONG.~ -_-
If you can't view [
this post], then I deleted you.
If your wondering why you were deleted, I simply went through my list and if you A) hadn't commented atleast 10 of my recent journals (I think thats a fair amount) or B) had no entries under 2010(therefor you hadn't posted for atleast a year.) I automatically deleted you.
If you want to be added back, comment this entry and I may re-consider you!

Bye bye! 
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